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Deep tissue massage

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Icoone® Laser Med for a mechanical deep tissue massage

Have you heard of icoone® Laser Med? Because that device with Roboderm® Technology is the latest addition at Aquila Wellness & Spa. With that technology, we can give you a mechanical deep tissue massage.

Painlessly, we revive the elasticity in your skin, which inevitably reduces over the years. Deep wrinkles and cellulite are now a thing of the past! Moreover, we can tighten the outline of your face and body (e.g. upper arms).

Built-in LED light that breaks down fat cells

We can shape an accentuated waistline and even smaller areas with the utmost precision by activating each individual skin layer. That way, more oxygen goes to your skin and it is stimulated to produce more collagen.

With our machine’s built-in LED light, we break down fat cells in your body so that they can be easily disposed of. Those experiencing symptoms due to the problems below will soon be rid of them:

The massage is suitable for any skin type, although we only use the laser function for your body and not for your face. We do that in order to preserve rather than eliminate the volume in it. Want to benefit from long-term results even after just one session, without having to deal with a recovery period? Make sure to reach out for more information.

Deep tissue massages price list

  • Face & neck € 92,00 per 30 min.
  • Face, neck & cleavage € 104,00 per 40 min.
  • Body treatment (one focus zone) € 92,00 per 40 min.
  • Additional focus zone € 44,00 per 20 min.
  • icoone® Bodysuit € 37,00
  • Healthcare treatment (booking by phone only) Starting from € 50.00
  • Extra focus programme € 44,00